"Why does everyone stand up and sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game when they're already there?"-Larry Anderson




Creative Director:

David Laughlin

This is just a small sample of work that we've completed over the last few years. You'll see postcards, conference signage, app designs, posters, logo designs, web designs & specialty pieces. We can do it all!

42nd SPBT Annual Conference Event Signage



"They give you a round bat and they throw you a round ball.  And they tell you to hit it square."-Willie Stargell

StickBall Designs is a small full-service graphic design firm based in South Philladelphia, PA. Our teams game plan is to help your business succeed with effective and unforgettable designs in BRAND, WEB, PRINT, and SOCIAL MEDIA.

Your Childhood Game Reinvented!

"They should move back first base a step to eliminate all those close plays."-John Lowenstein




p: 732.586.4551  e: info@stickballdesigns.com

Waiting for the umpire to make the call...

STRIKE! Take another swing.

That ball is OUTTA HERE!